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What to Expect During Electrotherapy

Electrotherapy. Just the name is enough to send shivers of fear down the spine. But electrotherapy is nothing to be afraid of. In fact, this non-invasive peripheral neuropathy treatment is generally very well tolerated – and some patients even find it relaxing! Now that you know it's painless, here's what happens during electrotherapy, and what you should know before undergoing your first procedure.

What Happens During Treatment?

One of the first questions we get about electrotherapy (after "Does it hurt?") is: "What happens during electrotherapy?" Well, it's simple. During treatment, the patient lies down. Next, rubber adhesive electrodes are attached to the skin, often along with suction cups called vaso pneumatic devices. These devices are then attached to a computer, which delivers the treatment to Dr. Weller's prespecified parameters so that the electrical impulses travel to specific nerve paths. The treatment itself is conducted via high-frequency alternating electrical currents that travel through the skin. Patients can expect to feel a tingling, vibrating feeling. If the feeling is too intense, the current can be adjusted so it is more comfortable for the patient.

What Happens After Treatment?

After treatment the patient should feel relaxed and refreshed and able to go about their normal routine without any adverse side effects from their electrotherapy treatment. The pain relief after electrotherapy is immediate. Following your first few treatments, you can expect several pain-free hours. The good news is, the more treatments you undergo, the longer the results last! It's possible to go from several hours of relief to several days of relief - just from electrotherapy alone.

Is There Anyone Who Should Avoid Electrotherapy?

Yes. Due to the use of electrical impulses, there are some people who should not undergo electrotherapy, such as pregnant women and persons with pacemakers. Your health will be evaluated by Dr. Weller prior to prescribing electrotherapy.

If you would like to learn more about electrotherapy and the other treatment options available at Restore Wellness, please give us a call at 480-751-1629.
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