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Treating Peripheral Neuropathy in HIV Patients Can Benefit Overall Treatment

A recent study published in the Journal of Acquired Immune Deficiency Syndromes has found that patients who undergo treatment for HIV and who also experience chronic comorbid (when a condition occurs along with a second condition) pain have a more successful treatment when that comorbid pain is also treated than when that chronic pain is not addres...
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Zinc May Improve Peripheral Neuropathy Symptoms

A recent study is shedding light on the role zinc deficiency plays in peripheral neuropathy. Peripheral neuropathy is the umbrella term used to describe the many disorders of the peripheral nervous system. Despite their vast array of causes, almost all peripheral neuropathies present themselves in the same way. "They generally cause numbness and ti...
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Can Peripheral Neuropathy Be Treated with ‘Alternative’ Medicine'?

For sufferers of peripheral neuropathy, finding lasting relief can often feel like an exercise in futility. With no treatment or cure from Western medicine, PN sufferers' only option is to mask the symptoms of the condition with painkillers – at least that's what they've been told. But a growing number of PN sufferers are seeking out alternatives t...
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What Is Light Therapy?

If you have peripheral neuropathy (or PN), you are probably already aware of how painful the condition can get. Thankfully there are many options – both natural and pharmaceutical - to help reduce pain. But as painful as PN can often be, it can also be the opposite - painless - and as anyone who experiences numbness from PN knows, the absence of fe...
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