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Should CBD Oil Be Used to Treat Peripheral Neuropathy?

It seems like you can't turn on a TV or speak to a friend these days without hearing about a product called CBD oil. Short for cannabidiol, CBD oil is an all-natural hemp derivative that, when grown in the right conditions, is perfectly legal in most states, despite coming from the same plant as marijuana and its active ingredient, THC, which is still illegal in most places.

CBD oil is different because it contains little to no THC, and thus has no intoxicating effects like THC does. Instead, CBD oil provides a calming effect on those who take it. In fact, CBD oil is said to be so effective at creating a tranquil, peaceful feeling it has been studied - and recommended - for use in patients with peripheral neuropathy by Neuropathy Journal.

Why CBD Oil?

In addition to its calming effect, CBD oil is said to provide pain relief and act as an anti-inflammatory. As you probably already know, inflammation is a major trigger for peripheral neuropathy. Best of all, CBD oil is all natural and non-addictive, so it is a safer alternative to opioids, which while commonly prescribed, are highly addictive and being prescribed less and less due to their addictive nature. Furthermore, CBD oil is said to have anti-depressant qualities, which is not the case with opioids.

Does It Work?

Studies specifically treating peripheral neuropathy in the feet with CBD oil have shown the treatment to be effective. In a study of patients using the CBD oil Sativex saw a reduction in symptoms versus those who used a placebo.

In another study, patients with HIV-related nerve pain were said to experience improved pain relief about 50 percent of the time.

But, Is It Legal?

You may have heard that CBD oil is legal in all 50 states, but this isn't quite accurate. It is legal if it follows certain production guidelines, including:
• The oil must be extracted from legally grown, industrial hemp plants that have .3 percent THC or less.
• The CBD oil must only come from mature hemp stalks, oil, fiber or sterilized seeds.

If the oil falls under those parameters, it is considered legal for sale in most places, including right here in Arizona.

If you would like to try CBD oil to treat your neuropathy pain, speak to Dr. Weller about how to proceed safely. He can be reached by calling 480-751-1629.

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Tuesday, 23 April 2019

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