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Peripheral Neuropathy Not Just a Human Illness

Having peripheral neuropathy can be a very painful and isolating experience - especially since most people have never heard of it, let alone know someone who has it. But believe it or not, mankind isn't alone in the peripheral neuropathy world. There are other species that have peripheral neuropathy and experience many of the same problems we do.

Take chickens, for example. A recent study published in Poultry World described nine cases of peripheral neuropathy in chickens in Hungary. Often, peripheral neuropathy in chickens is confused with another illness called Marek's disease (MDV). Marek's disease is a very deadly and very contagious viral disease that affects chickens. Supposedly, it is caused by an alphaherpesvirus that is so dangerous it can kill off an entire flock. Marek's disease causes lesions on the peripheral nerves, causing paralysis and difficulty breathing. Thankfully there is a vaccine against this illness, but there is no vaccine against peripheral neuropathy in chickens - or anyone else, for that matter.

Doctors used what is known as viral testing to determine if the chickens in the study did indeed have MDV. When it was ruled that their viral loads were low, and they did not have MDV, the chickens were tested for peripheral neuropathy, and doctors determined that was in fact what was ailing the animals. The study was important because it showed that there is a benefit to using viral testing to determine whether the chickens had MDV, as treatment for this illness is quite expensive and would have been pointless in this case.

So, now the burning question: How does this all benefit humans? Well, right now it doesn't – but it could in the future if those same farmers willing to spend a fortune to cure their chickens of MDV are willing to invest the same amount to better understand peripheral neuropathy. In the meantime, human PN sufferers can take comfort in the fact that they have more treatment options than poultry!

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Tuesday, 23 April 2019

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