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Is the Capsaicin Patch a Wonder Drug for Peripheral Neuropathy?

With a recent study proudly proclaiming that capsaicin 8 percent patches are now officially deemed safe for peripheral neuropathy treatment, many peripheral neuropathy sufferers are wondering if they should give these patches a try. But despite this seemingly good news, many doctors still recommend that patients proceed with caution.

The study was presented at the World Congress of Pain 2018 conference in Boston in September. In it, the 8 percent capsaicin patch was found to be both safe and effective at treating localized peripheral neuropathy pain, allodynia and hyperalgesia. The study followed 60 patients who used the patch, with about 80 percent reporting "good to adequate pain relief" while wearing the patch.

So, is this patch a good idea? There are a few things to keep in mind about the patch before making your decision.

It's Not a Drug

The good news about the capsaicin patch is that, much like the treatments at Restore Wellness, it is all natural. Capsaicin is actually naturally derived from chili peppers, which are in the capsicum genus of plants. This means it's not addictive, and you don't need a prescription to try it - but you should still discuss it with Dr. Weller or your physician before beginning.

It's Localized Only

Because it's a patch, it only treats peripheral neuropathy on the surface of the skin, so if you don't have localized nerve damage, it probably won't help.

It Doesn't Work When You're Not Wearing It

Because it's a patch, it needs to sit on your skin. If it isn't on your skin, it can't work - so you need to make sure you're wearing it to get results. On the other hand, treatments like stem cell therapy, light therapy, trigger point injections and others offered by Restore Wellness Center are natural and work long after your treatment - even longer than pharmaceuticals.

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Tuesday, 23 April 2019

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