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Improved Vitamin B Could Help Peripheral Neuropathy Symptoms

For peripheral neuropathy sufferers who are looking to treat their PN symptoms naturally and without the use of strong pharmaceuticals, the options thus far have been somewhat limited. But now, a new study called the Neontin Study has yielded some promising results that could help peripheral neuropathy sufferers reduce some of the signs and symptoms of PN easily and naturally.

Peripheral neuropathy affects an estimated 20 million Americans each year. It is caused by damage to the nerves, but the cause of that damage can be from any number of things, from chemotherapy to diabetes to alcoholism and even shingles. Peripheral neuropathy is treated the same way no matter the cause, so all PN sufferers benefit from new treatment innovations. One such innovation is the discovery that PN symptoms ease with the use of something called Neurobion.

Neurobion Forte treatment is a neurotropic vitamin B supplement that has been found to be effective at lessening all the symptoms of peripheral neuropathy.

Dr. Nathan Weller is a Scottsdale, Arizona, doctor who exclusively treats peripheral neuropathy patients in his practice. He takes a natural, holistic approach to treating patients, eschewing pharmaceuticals used to mask symptoms, and instead opting for less invasive but often more effective treatments. He believes the Neurobion Forte treatment could be a promising addition to current treatment options.

"I like that the Neurobion Forte uses vitamin B and is available over the counter," says Weller. "I'm always wary of new treatments that use controlled substances, both because of potential side effects but also because in most cases they only mask the symptoms."

Though the injectable formula is only available via prescription, Weller says the results of the study speak for themselves as far as efficacy.

"Nearly every patient in the study noticed an improvement in their peripheral neuropathy symptoms," he says. "It may not be a cure, but in combination with electronic, light and stem cell therapies, Neurobion could make a significant difference in the life of PN sufferers."

Currently, Neurobion Forte is available over the counter and via prescription in Indonesia, but could be headed to the United States for clinical trials and FDA approval soon.

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Tuesday, 23 April 2019

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