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Colorado State Football Coach Puts Spotlight on Peripheral Neuropathy

When Colorado State University football coach Mike Bobo announced his hospitalization for peripheral neuropathy on Twitter this summer, many fans had never heard of the condition. The problem began when Bobo, 44, began experiencing some of the signature hallmarks of peripheral neuropathy – numbness and tingling of the feet - two weeks prior to his hospitalization.

In a Twitter post to his fans, Bobo wrote, "I am currently in the process of multiple-day treatment for peripheral neuropathy and continue to be encouraged by the results of the ongoing medical testing." Bobo remained hospitalized in the Denver and Fort Collins, Colorado, area for a total of 10 days before returning to work for the August 25 game against the Hawaii Rainbow Warriors.

Bobo made headlines earlier in the year following a knee-replacement surgery this past April. Fans speculated that the knee replacement may have something to do with the onset of Bobo's peripheral neuropathy, but sources close to Bobo claimed the two are unrelated.

Dr. Nathan Weller specializes in treating peripheral neuropathy in his Scottsdale, Arizona, clinic. He says that peripheral neuropathy after a total knee replacement, or TKA, is extremely rare but does happen.

"Usually with a TKA, peripheral neuropathy is caused by the common peroneal fibular nerve, which is part of the sciatic nerve running along the knee and the top of the fibula," Weller says.

According to Weller, however, unless the patient had both knees replaced, the peripheral neuropathy would only occur on the affected limb, not in both as it did with Bobo.

Still, Bobo's injury did have at least one positive outcome, according to Weller: It introduced peripheral neuropathy to a wider audience that may never have heard of the condition were it not for Bobo.

"It's always refreshing when someone in the public eye is candid about their diagnosis," says Weller. "It helps create awareness, and that awareness can help a lot of people who may not realize there's help out there."

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Monday, 20 May 2019

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