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Our Philosophy


Our philosophy is to help our patients get peripheral neuropathy relief, safely without surgery or the use of drugs.  Neuropathy is not just a condition quarantined to the extremities, but also a warning sign of an overall decrease in health. Our goal is to gain relief from neuropathy while also finding solutions to overall physical wellness. Restore Wellness Wellness and Chiropractic uses unique treatment protocols allowing relief from neuropathy and to help patients heal from within. We’ve heard countless stories about how our treatments have not only improved the lives of our patients, but have done so after other physicians have given up. Our care is continually getting better as we participate in ongoing research that always provides you the best we have to offer. We are known to succeed when traditional methods have failed. 

Our Mission

Our mission is transforming patient lives, one by one. Our goal is conquering the adverse and crippling effects of peripheral neuropathy in order to save as many people as possible. This is our focus, our entire reason for being here. We know that to be UNEQUIVICAL, not just okay, we have to put everything we have into just one area of practice. It is our duty and calling to do neuropathy treatment and let the world know about how our amazing protocols can fight back. This philosophy leads us to be committed to community outreach. Call our office today at 480-751-1629 to find out more about a seminar in your area.

RWC is now proudly accepting most insurances, call today for your free consult and exam with one of our providers!

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