Restore Wellness Center

Are you suffering from any of these seven symptoms of neuropathy?

Numbness, Sharp Pains, Burning, Tingling, Cramping, Painful Walking, Trouble Sleeping because of pain in your Feet or Legs

If you’re suffering from 1 or all these horrible symptoms then congratulations, you’ve just taken the first step to living a life free from foot numbness and pain. Restore Wellness Center listens and works with you, and others sharing your same situation, to help ‘heal your body naturally’ and stop the horrible suffering from neuropathy.

For more than 4 years our offices have helped more than three thousand sufferers with the chronic pain, tingling, burning and numbness caused by peripheral neuropathy – by reducing pain and starting down the path to walking a more pain-free life, some see results after the first treatments.

The team of dedicated doctors at Restore Wellness Center is helping save many on the verge of complete disability by using Restore Wellness Center’s proprietary treatment protocol – dramatically accelerating patients healing and doing a 180 to the pain of damaging neuropathy.

Now patients whose feet, legs, and hands have been damaged by neuropathy have hope. Improve circulation and helps restore feeling to your feet and hands with our proprietary methods and get the relief you’re looking for.

Stop learning to “live with it” and get off those awful prescription pain killers being used to mask the pain you have. Why risk the negative side affects of more drugs and surgery when you could seek treatment that enhances your own body’s ability to heal.

Give us a call today to see if you qualify for a free consultation.